5 Reasons why your Beloved Succulents are Dying

Are your beloved little succulents not keeping well lately?

Succulents are small and usually easy to care for plants.  But if you are facing trouble with the succulents, it means some usual things are not being done right!

With some simple alterations you can nurse your little succulents back to health in a jiffy. So, all you gotta do is take care of not making these 5 mistakes and your succulents will have a healthy happy and long lasting life.

#1 Planting Them In Small Planters

The roots of the succulents need room to grow. So don’t make the mistake of planting succulents in cute teacups or flower pots that are way too small as they won’t give any space to the roots of the succulents. Ideal size for the perfect container to plant your succulent into should be at least twice as deep as the roots of the plant and its width should be at least three times. Succulents should be allowed to fill out naturally rather than stuffing them closely in a planter.

#2 Over Watering

Way too much water is not a good thing to do to the succulents. Since succulents are not the usual house plant material and have more of cacti personality so they don’t need to be watered like the normal houseplants. It’s best to water the succulents to the point when the soil kind of feels cool and damp to the touch, but never saturated or watered down and not at all muddy.

#3 Using Containers With No Provision For Drainage

Most common mistakes people make where succulents are concerned is by planting them in cute looking containers that don’t have proper drainage. A container that does not have multiple drainage holes from which water can flow out won’t work with succulents.

#4 Lack Of Nutrition In Soil

A nutrient rich soil is best for the succulents; else they might not remain healthy. You can DIY nutrient rich soil while planting succulents or get a soil mix especially made for cactus and succulents that has the right quantity of nutrients as well as density. With the proper amount of nutrients in the soil, your succulents will look more healthy and beautiful.

#5 Transplant Required

If a succulent has been kept in a particular container for several months and is growing healthy, then it is better to shift it into a bigger container as it may face lack of space in its original one. The roots of the succulent require more room in order to grow more and keeping them in the same small container might hamper their growth due to the cramped space.

So, if you want your succulents to remain in good shape and in good health then you need to make sure not to make these 5 mistakes. With a little amount of care and lots of love you make your succulents thriving and healthy for a very long time!

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