Air Purifying Plants – A Must-Have Trend for Homes and Offices!

Breathing problems, skin problems, headache, allergies and fatigue increasing your everyday troubles?

As the city struggles to deal with the currently high pollution levels, the harmful effects of air pollution have already caved their way into our everyday lives. To ease out the battle with ever rising levels of pollution some robust measures are required to be undertaken by us.

One of the most simple way and economical solution for purifying the hazardous air quality around you is by bringing air purifying plants into your spaces. Whether it is lightning up of a home environment or to ease out the tense vibes in an office atmosphere, air purifying plants are the perfect choice.

Digging a little deeper into the many benefits of air purifying plants, we have listed out a few important ones:-

*Air Purifying plants help reduce stress and spread a feeling of well-being*

Air purifying plants help clean the air in the surroundings and this combined with their greenery reduces stress levels and create a relaxing atmosphere around them.

*Air Purifying plants improve the indoor environment of buildings*

Air purifying plants help improve the pollutant levels, poor air quality, excessive noise and inadequate control of light.

*Air Purifying plants help reduce background noise*

Air Purifying plants absorb, diffract as well as reflect background noise and this helps in making the environment of houses more comfortable for the residents.

*Air Purifying plants improve productivity at work*

Many studies have shown trends that keeping air purifying plants in offices increases the productivity as well as efficiency of the employees.

*Air Purifying plants improve our health*

If few air purifying plants are kept together in a room, they tend to regulate the humidity levels and work to reduce the starting of respiratory illness. Also, the presence of air purifying plants in one’s home or office helps to lessen up onset of cold, sore throat as well as dry skin and cough.

Owing to these above mentioned and many more benefits of air purifying plants, Greenish promotes the presence of air purifying plants in every home and office space. They also make a great gifting option which is healthy and beautiful at the same time.

To browse for some gorgeous air purifying plants like Peace Lily, Aloe-Vera, Golden Pothos, Sansevieria, Cholophytum, Boston fern, Areca palm that help filter air quality in our surroundings visit

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