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Balcony Garden

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Greenish Service : Balcony Garden

City life does have a challenge of limited outdoor space when it comes to apartments and a simple way to ease up the struggle of bringing beautiful greenery into your life is by having your very own balcony garden! The idea of a balcony garden has been bliss for all those who were unable to have a garden due to the sheer lack of space. Even in the tiniest of balconies creating a balcony garden is possible with certain smart and bold ideas. Here we have some options for you that would help transform your balcony into an ideal space to escape the hustle and bustle of every day.

Balcony Makeover

Railing Planters

Balcony gardens do not need a huge footprint to be effective. And railing planters are the perfect solution when space is a little scarce but one still wants the perfect appeal. Railing planters can be hanged on to the balcony rails and these allow the plants to be grown without taking up any extra floor space. Also, the vibrant colors of our planters give a modern meets comfort appeal to the balcony garden decor.

Hanging Basket

The power of hooks should never be underestimated while creating a balcony garden, as they are great for hanging plant baskets. The beauty of hanging plant baskets is that they bring up the plants to eye level and enhance the visual appeal of a balcony garden. We have in store some gorgeous hanging plants options for you that will add beauty and a sense of serenity to your balcony garden.

Outdoor Floor Plants

Bright colors surely bring a lot of emphasis to a tiny balcony garden design and an easy way to achieve the look is with floor plants. You can add some gorgeous palms, fruit plants, or flowering plants in well placed colorful pots from our range and transform your balcony into a creative garden space.

Edible Garden

Creating a kitchen garden in your balcony gives you an option to grow a wide range of edible food and herbs in a compact space for all your culinary creations. With our range of herbs, you can set up your dream kitchen garden in your balcony. This will ensure that there is a fresh and chemical-free supply of ingredients for your recipes in your very own balcony at all times.