Corporate Gifting : At Greenish, we think and breathe green.


Business ‘buzz’ words in the times today are “eco – friendly”, “environmentally responsible” and “nature preservation”.With increasing awareness about environmental issues among customers, it has become very important for every company to take proactive steps to fulfill their ‘green goals’, which will not only help them to gain competitive advantage but also keep them in the good books of the government. We, at Greenish, help the companies to achieve this green initiative in a very swift, easy and an economical way.

Green plants help to keep the office surroundings healthier and cleaner, which is known to improve and enhance the productivity of the employees.Corporate gifting has become an essential part for every company. Exchanging gifts helps in building not only a wide professional network but also an everlasting relationship with the associates. It has been seen that many customers are willing to pay more for products of companies which follow environmental regulations.

Green gifting is one of the easiest and effective ways for a company of any budget to build a good reputation by fulfilling their corporate social responsibility.

Green Gifting by Greenish imprints its essence in the receivers mind.

Whether it is a single order or a bulk order of plants, you can rely on us to deliver nothing but the best.