Green Deeds-The New Environmental Trends!

‘A real connect with the nature is the stepping stone into nurturing a better planet’. One couldn’t agree more with this statement, as what we sow today will give us the fruits tomorrow. In today’s time the whole world is concerned about the dangers of global warming and climate change. Our capital is already battling with the ever rising levels of air pollution and environment and the hazardous effects of pollution on the life of human beings have now become the agenda at every global forum.

The need of the hour is to come up with a robust solution for the problem. And as our honorable environment minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan has recently quoted “Everyone is looking up to India with expectation because they think that Indians have the DNA to protect the environment. Our ancestors had made protection of environment an integral part of their lifestyle. It was a ‘part-n-parcel’ of our culture – our ancestors worshiped the rivers, air, trees or forests and earth and existed in harmony with the land,”

With these thoughts in minds a great initiative has been launched by the government which is – ‘Green Good Deeds ‘. The compilation of ‘Green Good Deeds’ urges everyone as an individual and collectively as communities to adopt the measures spelt out therein and voluntarily join the noble cause of preserving and protecting the environment.

One of the major domains covered in the Green Good Deeds initiative is by making the environment greener, healthier and happier. And to make it easier for you we have curated a list of pointers that would help in spreading the greenery around:-

# Plant A Tree

Plant a tree in the neighborhood and spread some greenery. Trees absorb Carbon dioxide and help us in cleaning the air around us. Simple steps like planting a tree on every birthday, planting of trees and shrubs in your garden, balcony, rooftop or a terrace garden lead a long way to protect the environment.

# Gift A Plant

Gift a sapling on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries and make memories last a lifetime with a gift that grows. Gifting plant saplings rather than cutting flowers or gifting other perishable items gives the receiver something that is cherished for long and lasts for years ahead.

# Switch To Air Purifying Plants

Bring home air-purifying plants to reduce indoor air-pollution and purify the air in your surroundings. Another useful tip is to try growing indoor plants to filter toxins from air in your home or workplace.

# Herbal Gardens

Herbs have numerous health care benefits and also make a great ingredient for all culinary recipes. Growing kitchen garden or developing herbal gardens for common medicinal plants is a perfect way to infuse herbs into your daily routine with ease.

# Corporate Green Initiatives

At the corporate level, initiatives can be taken up to generate funds for green spaces. Like by taking up responsibilities of urban parks, plantations along streets as corporate social responsibility and brand development or simply by adopting an area by corporate to make it even more greener.

Simple steps lead a long way! So do a green good deed every day and lead the foundation for a healthier, happier environment.

Sanya Ahuja

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