Lucky Bamboo – Stalks for positivity

One of the most popular gifting trend in India is the gifting of Lucky Bamboo. The strong Feng Shui care that the lucky bamboo provides is one of the major reasons for it becoming everyone’s favorite gifting option.

Bamboo is an easy to care houseplant and with a little care tips it will be healthy and thriving – making you lucky to boot!

As per the Feng Shui principles, bamboo attracts auspicious chi energy. Bamboo brings fortune, health, wealth and prosperity to your home or office. Bamboo is considered lucky because of its vitality, flexibility and strong growth. The No. of stalks in an arrangement of bamboo symbolise different things, here is a list for better understanding :

Lucky Bamboo – Stalks for positivity

Lucky Bamboo – Stalks for positivity

2Happy Relationship
3Happiness, Wealth and Long life
5Wealth & Health
7Good Health
10Perfect/ Ideal Situation
18Luck & Prosperity
21Powerful Blessings
28+Luck & Prosperity

Many of us often wonder as to where and how to place the lucky bamboo?

For luck, the bamboo should be placed in the eastern section of your home or desk; this represents family in Feng Shui. For wealth it should be placed in the wealth area of your home located southeast. Some say that placing the lucky bamboo in bedrooms should be avoided due to over excessive generation of Yang energy.


At Greenish we have many different shapes and arrangements of the bamboo. It is considered to be a very good gifting option as it’s easy to care and maintain and with little care it lasts for years and years. Gift this lucky bamboo to your special ones for good luck and fortune and they can just lay back and see this lucky bamboo grow beautifully in the years to come

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