The New Era of Green Corporate Gifting

The ideal corporate gifting option should convey a message of appreciation and regard and choosing the perfect corporate gift to convey the right message is a well thought out process.

Gifting plants as corporate gifts is a wonderful way of showing appreciation to people. In recent times, corporate organizations have shown encouragement towards adapting the innovative concept of Green Corporate Gifting. Living plants as corporate gifts make unique choice of gifts for the employees as well as the clients.

Indoor plants on the desk are sure to increase the efficiency of the staff as the surroundings become healthy with their presence.

Organizations are sure to inculcate a strong bond of affection, care and humanity with indoor plants as excellent green corporate gifts for customers, employees or chief guests as they are investments to be handed over through generations. Along with that, adding the company name on the tag is a great branding opportunity.

Green corporate gifts are incredibly cost effective and long lasting, along with that they provide numerous health benefits as well.

For organization’s looking to explore the world of green corporate gifting, there are numerous options available:

#Air-Purifying Plants: these plants help keep the air in surroundings fresh and healthy by absorbing the harmful toxins/pollutants from the air.

#Bonsai Plants: bonsai plants are miniature form of natural trees grown in containers that becomes more and more stunning as they grow.

#Lucky Bamboo: lucky bamboos tend to bring fortune, health, wealth and prosperity to home and office spaces. An added advantage in gifting lucky bamboo plants is that they are also easy to care and maintain.

#Succulents: these are small beautiful plants which require minimal care and maintenance. Succulents make a good gifting option for the corporate busy bees who have less time on their hands.

On occasions like Birthdays or Anniversaries of employees, or celebrations for Annual Day, Women’s Day, Environment Day, Diwali, or simply a token of gratitude towards your customers or other individuals who matter, potted plants as gifts make an immaculate offering.

Sanya Ahuja

Post author