Succulents – Camels of the plant world

Succulents are not just beautiful plants they are also nearly indestructible.Simply perfect for those who may not have the proverbial ‘green thumb’ or those who don’t have the time needed for special care of plants.

So for those who often wonder, what are succulents?

They are hardy plants that have adapted in order to survive in arid environments all over the world. The adaptive structure within these amazing plants is what has resulted in a vast array of plant shapes and leaf forms, including tight rosettes, paddle leaves as well as trailing columns of bushy and teardrop leaves. Cacti, aloe and agave are amongst the best known succulent plants. Cacti especially are excellent as display plants in many gardens.

Succulents are among the easiest plants to grow and maintain.The rules of caring for succulents are pretty uniform.

  • Succulents fancy bright light and mostly they will let you know when the light level they need is correct by showing changes in their leaves. Certain species of succulents can scorch if they are abruptly exposed to direct sunlight.
  • If their leaves turn brown or white it is an indication that the plant is bleaching out and the soft tissue of the plant is being destroyed.

When deciding which succulents to have in a garden it’s important first determine whether or not they need to be gradually placed in full sun or if they need partial shade.

Succulents or the ‘camels of the plant world’ as they are also called, store water in their leaves as a result they require minimal watering. The best rule of thumb is to water succulents just enough to keep them from withering. Over watered succulents will appear soft and discolored with their leavings turning yellow or white, causing them to also lose their color.

With a little care succulents will be for favorite plants for life. Water them well at least once a week or when soil starts to dry, unlike other plant life they don’t need to be watered on a daily basis due to their ability to retain water within their leaves, stems and organs and you are good to go.

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