This Wedding Season – Embrace the Trend of Gifting Greens!

Weddings in India are a big celebration. The festivities surrounding them give us loads of wonderful memories to cherish for many years ahead and create bonds that last forever. To celebrate this joyous union why not gift something to your wedding guest’s that stays with them for years and spreads health as well as happiness.

Breaking free from the trend of gifting sugary sweets, the idea of gifting Eco-friendly green plants is growing with a new intensity these days. This trend of green gifting plants has also been embraced in some recent celebrity weddings.

Also the most important part of a wedding is the wedding invitations after all these invitations are what mark the beginning of a beautiful new relationship. The wedding invites need accompaniments that would make them exquisite and potted plants are the perfect choice to fulfill this requirement as potted plants keep the surroundings healthy.

Here are a few ideas of alluring plants that can be used to color your wedding celebrations green –

  1. Peace Lily – This gorgeous looking plant bears a stunning white flower and is also an air-purifier. Simply by being there in your home Peace Lily detoxes the air by neutralizing the toxins.
  2. Aloe Vera – Aloe Vera is a beautiful looking herb with numerous health as well as skincare benefits. A perfect gift to mark the memories of your D-Day!
  3. Peperomia – Also known as baby rubber plant, peperomia is a commonly grown, low-maintenance house plant with beautiful foliage.
  4. Golden Pothos – This Air-Purifying indoor plant is a true beauty to enhance the home interiors.

This wedding season mark a new beginning of not just a wonderful relationship but also of gifting greens at your wedding. Embrace green gifting and give gifts that grow!

*This Wedding Season Go Green with Greenish*

Sanya Ahuja

Post author